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Magnets Safety Warning

Please read the following before handling magnets

Magnets are more powerful than most people imagine and need to be handled with care. Before handling magnets, particularly Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, please follow these safety instructions:

gloves Always wear proper safety equipment (protective gloves and eyewear) when handling larger magnets. Large Neodymium Magnets can be attracted to other magnets or metal objects which may cause serious injuries. Be careful to avoid getting your fingers caught!

credit cardMagnets with a strong magnetic field may cause permanent damage to credit cards, computer hard drives, watches, TVs, data storage media and other electronic devices and objects.

snappingAvoid snapping or smashing magnets together with other magnets or with metal as they may chip or break.

temperature Temperatures over 80 degrees Celcius can demagnetise Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets.

magnet Be careful when using and storing magnets or differing material types. e.g. Ferrite and Neodymium as demagnetisation can occur.

pacemaker People with pacemakers must avoid handling magnets.

children Keep out of reach of children.