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Magnets for Hanging Art! Magnart

Have you ever needed to hang a picture or some artwork on the wall in your home or at work but you don’t want to damage the paintwork or make a permanent hole in the wall? Are you an artist looking for an innovative and secure way to display your art in a gallery? Look no further than Magnart and our wide range of Magnetic Hanging Systems!

Magnart is a reusable magnetic display system designed to hang artwork, photos, posters and maps on a wall through the use of metal plates and magnets. Simply attach the four metal plates on the surface you would like to display your artwork with the self-adhesive backing, align the artwork to the plates, and finally place the magnetic bullets above the artwork where the metal plates are. The strength of the magnets and the secure hold of the self-adhesive means that the artwork will stay firmly in place while on display! The self-adhesive behind the metal plate is of a very high quality and will adhere to the wall surface easily and securely. When the time comes that you wish to remove the metal plates from the wall, the self-adhesive does not damage the paint-work behind it, allowing for a worry-free installation and removal!

These Magnetic Displays come in bulk packs for those needing to regularly display items, and you are able to buy replacements for certain parts of the system should you run out (for example; we can see the self-adhesive tabs separately). We also offer caps in different colours (including black and white) if you would like to add colour to the display!

Browse for our Magnart Magnetic Display System and check out this video for how to install it! Never worry about damaging your walls with art installation again – buy Magnart online today!