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Magnets Adelaide

AMF Magnetics ship our products to Adelaide and all other city areas nation wide through a reliable courier service. We ship to most rural areas in Australia as well as all around the world!

Our extensive range of magnetic products and tools allows the individual, business, or family to organise their home or work area, diversify their branding, fix an object, create a science experiment for school, or even make life a little bit easier. Our incredibly strong Neodymium Magnets have an amazing strength for their size and are the strongest magnets commercially available. The other magnets that AMF have to offer also have amazing strength but are more suited to everyday uses. We also provide Magnetic Tools, some designed to help you clean up metallic scraps in a mechanical area, others are designed to provide advertising for businesses that diversifies their brand. Our range, reliability and friendly customer service make us one of the leading Australian magnet distributors!

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