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Magnetic Tool Holder Information

Magnetic Tool Holders

Q: What items can magnetic tool holders secure?

AMF Magnets supply strong and economical Magnetic Tool Holders. Whether you have a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, tape measure, or any other smaller tool, you can rely on our strong Tool Magnet Holder to hold them all securely in place without the worry of falling off and causing any sort of injury. Keep hand held secured and organised in one place! 

Q: What are magnetic tool holders used for?

The Magnetic Tools Holders help to organise your counter space and provide a handy solution to tool storage. The Magnetic Tool Holders are great space savers and a practical magnetic solution to have knives and tools close at hand. They allow for more counter space and organised draws. 

Q: How do I install a magnetic tool holder?

These strong permanent magnetic Tool holders are easy to attach and use. Simply mount with the fixing screws provided with the product.

Q: What options are available for magnetic tool holders?

Our Magnetic tool organisers are available in different lengths and sizes to suit your specific needs. We stock them from 6’’ to 24 inches, and are heavy-duty. These magnetic holders come in yellow, black, red, stainless, and wooden. 

Please contact us for any further information or discuss which tool holder would suit you best so you never lose a tool again!