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Magnetic Sheeting for Vehicle Doors – Cars, Trucks, Buses, Campervans

Magnetic sheet signage or magnets with rubberised coatings are commonly used around commercial or recreational vehicles because they are removable and non-penetrative.

Every business owner knows they need to promote themselves in the marketplace and there are many platforms available to do this important work. Magnetic vehicle advertising or signage is an effective way to make your business more visible to potential customers. AMF magnetic sheeting attaches to steel bodied vehicles like vans, trucks, cars and utilities and can be removed easily or replaced as needed.

The removable magnetic glossy sheets can be imprinted with logos, business names. Email or website addresses that direct customer traffic to your products or services.

All magnetic sheeting used as car signage or protective panelling on your vehicle, should be removed at least once a week. Clean the surface of your car and the back of the sheeting to prolong its longevity. Always remove before washing your car.

AMF Self-Adhesive sheeting is also available and allows your printed signage to be attached to the adhesive side and then magnetically attached to your vehicle. Our Sheeting comes in rolls that are 620mm wide and the 0.8mm thickness is appropriate for cars. Thicker sheeting has stronger magnetic hold and is recommended for vehicles that regularly travel at freeway speeds.

AMF also has rubber-coated magnetic devices with male or female threaded attachment points that can act as magnetic footings for your equipment and will not damage your vehicles’ paint. They can easily hold racks and shelving onto interior walls of vans or utilities, or even secure annexes and lighting to the exterior of your 4WD, caravan or motorhome.

Magnetic attachment means metal surfaces don’t need to be drilled which leaves them structurally intact and also water-tight. The devices contain a series of Neodymium magnets in a circular arrangement that provides powerful grip while the rubber coating also helps to resist slipping and corrosion.

The rubber coating is also ideal for vehicle projects where glass needs to be protected. Two magnets on each side of a glass pane will create an attachment point for hanging privacy screens or clothes lines without damaging the glass in any way.