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Magnetic Sheeting - An explanation of the different types of sheeting

Our magnetic sheeting products fall into four distinct categories with largely independent applications:

Self-Adhesive - Our self adhesive sheeting has one magnetised brown face and the reverse side a self adhesive layer that comes with a peel back protective paper. This range of products is ideal for making magnetic backed products and signage. There is only one product in the self-adhesive range with a white face being product 59001, all the other self-adhesive sheets are the brown/grey colour of the magnetic material.

White - White magnetic sheeting is one of the most popular and versatile products we sell. It is white through the front and magnetic through the reverse side. This product is commonly used by professional printers to create magnetic promotional materials and signage. It is also popular for offices and warehouses that cut the sheeting to size to use as labelling, signage or noteboards on metal racking, lockers or walls.

Coloured - Our coloured sheeting is ideal for use in colour coded systems such as managing warehouse stock movement to name just one of the many applications this sheeting lends itself to. It is available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange and Green.

Double-Sided-Unlike the white and coloured sheeting which is predominantly magnetic through the brown face, the double-sided sheeting provides a strong magnetic hold on both sides. The double sided nature of this sheeting can mean lightweight metal objects can be attached to the face of the sheet while the sheet itself is magnetically attached to a metal surface.