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Magnetic Knife Holder Information

Frequently asked questions about our magnetic knife holder range.

What are magnetic knife holders?

Magnetic Knife Racks are the contemporary must-have accessory for anyone operating a commercial kitchen, remodelling their kitchen or buying a new home. Magnetic Knife Holders suspend your knives safely and hygienically away from contaminated surfaces but in a convenient position near preparation benches where they wait ready for use. The practical wall-mounted design saves on valuable bench space and keeps clutter to a minimum. Knives that lie around on benchtops are hazardous and prone to damage and becoming prematurely blunt. Wall-mounted Magnetic Knife Holders keep your knives safe, clean, organised and sharp which are the ideal conditions for operating an efficient kitchen.

Are magnetic knife holders better than knife blocks?
The previously popular wooden Knife Blocks have fallen out of favour with consumers due to concerns from health regulators regarding the hygiene and sanitation credentials of timber-based products. Similarly, wooden cutting boards are no longer regarded as suitable for commercial kitchen use due to health and hygiene concerns. If Timber boards are used in a domestic kitchen it is recommended that they are sterilised on a daily basis. In commercial kitchens, plastic colour-coded cutting boards for different types of produce is a compulsory requirement for health and safety regulation compliance.

Wood is a porous and organic material that can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially in the warm, humid kitchen environment. Wooden Knife Blocks stow the knives in damp, dark, slotted cavities that promote bacteria growth which is often difficult to detect.

Health-conscious chefs and homeowners find these very practical and hygienic wall-mount magnetic Knife Holder products on the AMF website.
Choose from the extensive range of Knife Holder products that include a choice of lengths and attractive styles to suit any kitchen.

How to mount a magnetic knife holder?

AMF Magnetic Knife Racks and Holders have convenient pre-drilled mounting holes to attach them to walls and cabinets. Basic wall plugs and self-tapping screws are needed to secure them to vertical walls and are included in some, but not all our knife rack models.

Do magnetic knife holders damage knives?

No damage to knives will occur if a little care is taken when storing and removing knives that are suspended on a magnetic knife rack.
Place knives down gently when storing them on a magnetic Knife Rack.
Do not overload the Rack with too many knives or heavy tools.
Avoid dropping knives onto hard floors that can damage the blade.
Magnetic Knife Holders help to prevent knives from being pushed off countertops and being accidentally dropped onto hard surfaces that damage the knife blade.