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Magnetic Hooks

Regardless of their exact shape or particular size, magnetic hooks serve to keep valuables in one place, out of harm’s way for simple retrieval when required. At home and work, small but strong, coloured magnetic hooks are used to suspend key rings, sunglasses and other valuables required for impending use.

In retail environments, higher strength magnetic hooks, such as our Neodymium Pot Threaded Hook Magnet, suspend heavy or bulky goods in an orderly manner for the purpose of inspection and retrieval by potential customers. Goods suspended in this way reduce the incidence of shop soiling, highlight the availability of goods and make cleaning stock a breeze.

In heavy industry, shipping, construction or agriculture, magnetic hooks also serve to shepherd valuable goods by latching gates and doors, suspending equipment inside tool sheds and trucks or suspending foodstuffs from ceilings in cool rooms to maximise the available space.