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Magnetic business cards

Flexible magnetic sheeting products have long been associated with advertising material and signage. Refrigerator Magnets are one of the most commonly used and most affordable print formats for businesses who want to get their name and services noticed in the local market.

Most commercial printing companies now offer clients refrigerator magnet advertising in the form of business card sized magnets. These clients, who are usually tradespeople or retailers, then pass them on to potential customers. Graphic designs, fonts and background artwork that reflect your business or industry can be digitally uploaded and printed onto AMF magnetic sheeting. Cutting machines then cut the magnets into business card size.

Magnetic business cards stick to metal surfaces so your contact number is always on hand. They are an excellent tool for marketing any service, business or trade, especially if you’re in the business of repairing and servicing white goods!

When effective and affordable marketing is what you’re looking for then you're sure to find flexible magnetic business card advertising delivers the goods. There is a range of white and coloured printable magnetic sheeting products to choose from on the AMF website.