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Magnafix - A description of the A & B tape system

A and B matched tape systems are designed to work together as a pair and bond to each other with opposite magnetic poles. Similar to any other type of magnet, magnetic tapes have negative and positive poles which need to be aligned in order to attract each other.

NB: Two B tapes or two A tapes will attract to each other but they will not align precisely.

Most A and B paired tape systems come with adhesive on the back which is on the opposite side to its A or B partner tape. This ensures correct pole alignment when the tapes are used to bond two different surfaces together ie; one surface with A and the other surface with B. Magnetic tapes without adhesive need to be glued or fixed in place with some other type of fastener and also need to be aligned with an opposite pole tape or attached to steel.

A and B matched tapes attract to each other and eliminate the need for metallic surfaces to create a magnetic bond. They are commonly used to fit double glazing inside timber and aluminium windows which is easy to remove, or to fit timber flyscreens to non-metallic window frames; A-type tape on the window frame and B-type tape on the screen. Matched pole tape systems can make magnetic attachment possible between virtually any two surfaces and is sure to provide a practical solution to a range of attachment problems.

AMF stocks rolls of magnetic tape in a few different lengths and widths which is easily cut to the length you need. Magnetically attaching large or heavy items may require a stronger magnetic bond to hold them in place and if this is the case, wider tapes will create a stronger magnetic bond because the contact area between the two tapes is greater. Wide tapes also have more adhesive on the non-magnetic side.