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Lifting Magnets

lifting magnets

AMF Magnetics has a a large range of lifting magnets and magnetic lifting devices. They vary between 15 and 6000 kilograms of pull force. Our magnetic lifting devices house the strongest magnets available.

Lifting Magnets has different meanings. Technicians use our rubber handled magnet, (250 grams in weight), to ‘lift’ metal fragments hiding in and around valuable apparatus. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers suspend plate magnets, (weighing almost a fifth of a ton), over loose goods transiting underneath to ‘lift’ or arrest furtive shrapnel. Ferrous waste is consigned to its fate, a smelting furnace.

Many Magnetic Lifters in between these extremes are a cost effective and safe method of arresting ferrous material or loading or moving steel goods. Some of these models are equipped with a shackle for attaching rigging as well as a control lever. The lever in one position commits brute force magnetic suction to the load, or in the reverse position, releases. Heavy duty lifting magnets applies its force from above, removing the risk of encircling heavy cargo. Choose the right amount of pull force for you!