Flexible Magnets & Magnetic Rubber

AMF Magnets offers an extensive range of Flexible Magnets in a variety of dimensions, colours and thicknesses. Flexible Magnets are extremely versatile and are the best alternative for creating signs, timetables, to-do lists, menus, business cards, invitations or any item you want to display or stick onto any ferrous metallic surface!

Our Flexible Magnetic Strips, Sheets, Tapes, Labels and Rolls are regularly used in advertising, printing, graphics, signage, shop fit-outs, merchandising and labelling systems. They are made by consolidating Strontium or Barium ferrite powder with polymer matrix and can be easily cut to any size with a guillotine, scissors or Stanley knife.

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Flexible Magnets from AMF Magnetics

Established in 1980, AMF Magnets is Australia's leading supplier of High Quality and Cost Effective Flexible Magnets.


magnetic stripsOur Strip Magnets are ideal to use when creating promotional magnets, office & warehouse labelling or attaching printed materials to any metallic surface. They are available in green, yellow, red, white and also self-adhesive. We also offer a selection of Neodymium Magnetic Strips, which are the strongest of all our flexible magnetic strips.


magnetic tapeAMF Magnetics provides a first-class Magnetic Tape System called Magnafix. This type of flexible tape magnet is an excellent solution for the fixing and joining of graphic elements for display systems and light box signage. We also provide coloured and self-adhesive magnetic tape in different dimensions, by the roll or per metre.


Magnetic SheetsThese flexible magnets are the ideal alternative to create magnetic business cards, invitations, car signs, magnetic noteboards, identifiers, arts, crafts and general hobbies. Choose from our large range of Coloured, White and Self-adhesive magnetic sheeting with a PVC coating suitable for writing on with whiteboard markers.


magnetic labelsWhen it comes to marking and organising your shelves, racks, cabinets, and stock, our Magnetic Labels are the best magnetic option. We offer pre-cut labelling magnets, 0.8mm and 0.6mm thick in various sizes ranging from 40-140mm wide and 70-500mm long.


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