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Does the magnetic strip need to attach to metal?

A and B matched magnetic tapes are designed to attract and bond to each other using opposite polarity and do not require a metallic surface to operate. The method in which they bond is, in a fashion, similar to the way Velcro strips bond together. This magnetic tape system allows any two surfaces, both metallic and non-metallic, to be joined magnetically by placing A tape on one side and B tape on the other, via the peel-away adhesive. The opposing poles on the other side of the tapes will then bond and join the surfaces together. Matched pole tapes are often used to fit insect screens or double glazing to non-metallic windows without screws or tools. The magnetically attached screen is easy to remove when the window needs to be accessed. Any single, or unmatched magnetic tape that is used on its own will definitely require a metallic surface to bond with.