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A magnetic pick-up tool for mechanics

Tradespeople and technicians involved in reconditioning, repairing and maintaining equipment of any kind find this magnetic tool saves a lot of time and helps them complete their important duties to a high standard with the confidence that their work will stand the test of time. Conducting delicate and technical work in confined spaces can on occasion lead to a lost, dropped or misplaced component or damaged part that, if not recovered, can lead to serious and permanent damage to valuable machinery and equipment. This AMF magnetic pickup tool can penetrate into deep, dark, hard to access crevices and capture foreign metal objects like screws, pins and washers that are too small to retrieve by hand. It extends telescopically to a length of 600mm and in the case of vehicle engine testing, can be used to avoid touching heat affected surfaces that cause burns. This tool is really practical for any one who deals with metallic materials or performs mechanical maintenance. It greatly improves work efficiency and quality and this in turn improves the bottom line for trade professionals.

AMF stocks other magnetic tools and pickup devices that are suitable for both large factory areas or small workshops where they can greatly reduce the incident of costly tyre punctures to company vehicles. Many of these tools are designed to be self-cleaning so direct contact with sharp metal scrap or swarf material is not necessary. This enhances staff personal safety and makes scrap metal easier to collect and reuse or recycle.

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