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Magnetic Strip Neodymium - 25mm x 1.5mm (Non-Adhesive) | PER METRE

Product Code: 59186
Pull Force: 450 g/cm²
Grade: RE5
Weight: 210 gm
Style: Rare Earth non-adhesive Strip magnet
Dimensions: Length: 1metre
Width: 25mm
Thickness: 1.5mm
NZ $46.86
Prices are GST Incl.
Volume pricing available on request.

Magnetic Product Description:

Made using neodymium powder, this is our strongest magnetic tape. This magnetic strip has a width of 25mm, a thickness of 1.5mm and a length of 1 metre. Identified by the AMF magnet part number 59186.

Uses for our rare earth non-adhesive magnetic strips:

This tape product is pre-cut in 1-metre lengths only and does not include adhesive and will only bond to metal surfaces unless a contact adhesive is applied. Marketed with the name 'NEOFLEX' this is a relatively NEW product in the world of Magnets. It cleverly combines the super strength of Neodymium with rubber to create a new level of holding power while also maintaining flexibility. The addition of Rare Earth (Neodymium) materials greatly increases magnetic strength but also increases the manufacturing cost and this is reflected in the retail price. Made from Neodymium powder within a polymer matrix, this Magnet Strip is the strongest of our flexible magnetic tapes 

With non-adhesive magnetic strip like this popular 1- inch tape, advertisers have at hand an economical and durable fixing, holding and release system combining flexibility and versatility. This product is a virtual 'duct tape' for metallic surfaces and ideal for use where standard Ferrite tapes lack the required magnetic strength. A  good quality contact adhesive is recommended for attaching your product or artistic creation to the non-adhesive strip.

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Product's Review
    1. Excellent Bio Purchase Review by Mary Simpson

      I cut the magnetic stip in two and stuck it into the inside of my stainless washing machine tub. This magnet creates a strong magnetic field which reduces the amount of washing powder needed and leaves clothes smelling cleaner without any powder or dirt residues. I use 1/4 the amount of Bio washing powder and the magnetic force helps remove dirt and clean clothes as nature does in streams. (Posted on 9/08/2018)

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