Museum Of Australian Democracy Uses Our Small Rare Earth Magnets

Museum Of Australian Democracy Uses Our Small Rare Earth Magnets - AMF Magnets New Zealand

AMF Magnets' small neodymium magnets, will be used by The Museum of Australian Democracy for displaying up 100 figurines in an upcoming children's exhibition. John Wayne, the exhibitions officer describes his experience with us and how our small neodymium magnets solved his problem and was perfect for use!

small rare earth magnets

'I was asked to work out a way of displaying up to 100 figurines in an upcoming children’s exhibition. I wanted a neat effective solution (we have previously used white tac / Velcro in other exhibition). We cannot normally attach anything to the Heritage walls at the Old Parliament House but this area is being wallpapered (low tack, easily reversible) so fixing to the wall is possible. My initial thought was to stick small magnets on the wall and glue the same size magnet to the figurine. Due to the risk of choking all items in this area must be childproof. As I could not guarantee the magnets would be secure I had to look for other options. I started searching web-sites and your site had a good range of magnets that I thought would do the job. After talking to you I decided that a cylinder magnet (4mm x 20mm) could be placed into holes drilled in the figurines. You suggested sticking steel discs onto the wallpaper for the magnets to stick to. The photo show a figurine that I tested and the method worked well!'

John Wayte
Exhibitions Officer

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