Magnetic Filter – Separator Bars

Magnetic Filter – Separator Bars - AMF Magnets New Zealand
We recently worked with an engineering company on a project requiring a magnetic rotor fitted with magnetic filter-separator bars.

The rotor was to be used in a milk production plant to collect any metal contaminants that may have entered the milk production process. As you can see from the photo the unit we manufactured was dropped and a fine hair line fracture can be seen in the middle bar.

Unfortunately these are difficult to repair and warrant remanufacturing. AMF Magnets can supply most types of magnetic separation equipment. We hold a large range of magnetic filter/ separation bars in stock. The sizes we presently have in stock range from a standard diameter of 25mm times 100mm up to 450mm in length and we will soon have 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm lengths available.

These filter bars can then be assembled to create magnetic separator grates as shown in our second photo.
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