Hassle-Free Hanging for the Holiday Season with Magnetic Hooks.

Hassle-Free Hanging for the Holiday Season with Magnetic Hooks. - AMF Magnets New Zealand

Make your home look festive in no time! Watch our Christmas Magnetic Hook video for quick and easy ways to hang your Christmas decor this year. Display your Christmas tinsel, lights, stockings, wreath and more. Use our super-strong hook magnets to transform your home or office in a matter of moments.

They are easy to use and remove. They don’t require any sticky adhesives, drilling or mess. No damage to your property! Simply place your hook magnet on the metal surface of your choice and get durable holding power. Ideal for use on steel staircases, balconies, railings, walls or doors. 

We have a full range of hook magnets, with pull forces that range from 5.5KG to a massive 164KG. Our hook magnets are weather-safe, so they can be used indoors or outdoors. 

As a Christmas special, we have created a value pack of 4 Magnetic Hooks (9KG pull force). Perfect for using around the house, or as a gift for a friend or colleague. They are not only useful for Christmas-time but can be re-used to organise the home, display art, hang tools and more. The uses are limitless!


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