Magnets Wellington

Are you looking for top-quality, reliable magnets that are easily delivered to the Wellington area in a matter of days? Look no further than AMF Magnets New Zealand! Our extensive range of magnets, magnetic products, magnetic tools, equipment and stationery are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions and are distributed NZ wide! Our products are suitable for all kinds of applications – like stationary magnets for the home or office to display photos or documents, for industrial environments needing the work area clear of hazardous ferrous metallic swarf material, or for small businesses looking for an alternative and cost-effective way to expand their advertising through the use of magnetic strips and magnetic sheeting.

Our huge range of top-quality magnetic products are available online and can be delivered to your location in a matter of days! Not only do we provide magnetic objects already designed for a specific purpose, we also stock the necessary raw magnetic materials needed for those who would like to construct magnetic objects of their own. Simply browse through the different shapes and sizes of Rare Earth (Neodymium) and Ferrite (Ceramic) magnets to find the incredibly convenient small sizes of these strong reliable magnets. The Neodymium range is great for people looking for very strong magnets, as these are the strongest type of magnets commercially available! Ferrite is great for those looking for a more affordable magnet with mid-range strength and great heat resistance! These are commonly used in small motors, electronics as well as simple fridge magnets.

Construct your own magnetic products or browse some of our existing magnetic tools here at AMF Magnets New Zealand. Please contact our friendly and helpful staff if you have any questions regarding our extensive range!