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Magnets Brisbane

AMF Magnetics offers a reliable distribution of magnets and magnetic tools to all central locations in Australia. Deliveries to Brisbane take only a matter of days, meaning that you can have any magnetic product of ours at your fingertips!
Our extensive range allows for many possible options and alternatives to suit your magnetic needs. The various shapes and sizes of our magnets means that you are more likely to find a magnet with the specific dimensions you are looking for. We provide high strength Rare Earth Magnets, ranging from a block shape, to disc shape, to cylinders, we have a magnet for your every need.

AMF also offers Magnetic Pick Up Tools, some designed to pick up items or clean up metallic swarf, some perfect for signage for a business or store. Whatever your need, we have the solution and we can ship straight to your doorstep in Brisbane. Buy online now at AMF Magnetics!