Magnets Auckland

AMF Magnets New Zealand stocks a huge and varied range of magnets and magnetic products that cater to all sorts of industries. Known as one of the leading suppliers of magnetic goods in the Southern Hemisphere, AMF Magnets can deliver top quality magnets to Auckland in a matter of days! We have hundreds of Neodymium (Rare Earth) and Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnets in countless different shapes, sizes and dimensions, ensuring that customers find the perfect magnet for their application. These magnets are available as blocks, rings, cylinders, spheres, and countersunk magnets, and many of the smaller sizes are used in small motors, loudspeakers and even as a closing mechanism for cabinet doors!

Neodymium Magnets are the strongest magnets commercially available as they have a very impressive pull force to size ratio – even the smallest of these Rare Earth magnets have a considerable pull force. They will maintain their magnetic pull permanently unless damaged by intense heat or moisture. Ferrite Magnets are much the same, in the sense that they also have a permanent pull force (although not as strong as Neodymium). Ferrite magnets are known to operate fantastically in hotter environments, making them more durable than the Neodymium. Both of these magnetic types have a strong and permanent magnetic pull force, and you can be assured of their high quality and reliability!

Not only do we offer the raw magnetic materials, but we also have a huge range of magnetic tools, equipment and stationary for various different applications. Our Stationery Magnets are suitable for the home or the office to display pictures or important documents, our Magnetic Sweepers are great for warehouses in order to clear the floor of dangerous ferrous metallic debris, and our strong magnetic lifters are perfect for industrial environments and holding heavy objects out of the way. In addition to these products, we also have many different forms of magnetic sheets, tapes and strips in varied colours and with self-adhesive options. These products can help to create a whiteboard surface where there wasn’t one initially, or aid in advertising for small businesses as they can be printed on if desired. The options for our magnetic products are endless!

For top quality magnetic products in the Auckland area, look no further than AMF Magnets New Zealand. Browse our website for our extensive range and contact us should you have any further questions.