Industrial Magnets New Zealand

Here at AMF Magnetics New Zealand we have a large variety of magnets and magnetic products in stock, ranging from small stationary magnets for the home and office, to industrial and heavy-duty magnets, to be used mostly in warehouses and manufacturing environments. The magnets that are most applicable for industrial purposes are the Neodymium (or Rare Earth) as these are the strongest magnets commercially available. These industrial magnets include Magnetic Lifters, Magnetic Sweepers, Separators, Plate Magnets and Magnetic Stud Finder. The Lifters and Fork-Lift Sweepers are able to carry some immense weight and are great for moving large ferrous metallic objects from point A to point B, as well as clearing ferrous metallic swarf from the warehouse floor.

We also sell a range of Magnetic Separators, mostly used in the food production or water purification industries to ensure that no small metallic particles have slipped into the products along the way. Stud Finders are another popular device used by electricians or tradespeople as they are a strong and reliable mechanism that helps you detect studs in the wall before you start drilling! These are just some in our huge range of magnets suited to industrial environments, have a look through our website for the magnets that best suit your application or contact us for our advice - our friendly staff would be happy to help you!