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AMF Magnetic tapes are available in a range of colours, widths, thicknesses and lengths.  Magnetic Tape products combine rubber and different magnetic materials to create a flexible magnetic tape. Some contain a compound of inexpensive ferrite materials and others contain powerful and more expensive neodymium material.

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AMF Magnetics has a wide range of magnetic tape. Other suppliers like Bunnings offer a limited range of magnetic tape. We offer tape magnets that contain a 3M self-adhesive backing for attachment to non-ferrous materials. We also offer magnetic tape systems that come in matched pole pairs (Part A and Part B) that magnetically bond together. The magnetic tape category also includes Steel Tape with adhesive backing that can attach to plastic or timber and transforms it to an excellent attachment surface for any magnetic products.

Thicker magnetic tapes have stronger magnetic adhesion, however thinner tapes are more flexible and adhere well to curved surfaces. AMF magnetic Tapes can be purchased by the metre or in long rolls that can be cut to any required length. Many customers write on the coloured vinyl surface with a marker to create magnetic signage and labels for the office, warehouse or industrial site. The removable nature of these magnetic signs and labelling is popular with retailers and business owners everywhere. Magnetic tapes can be ideal for concealing seams or voids in metal panels or to prevent dust and moisture from entering crevices in industrial equipment or farm machinery.

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