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German Shepherds In Need uses AMF C-Channel Magnetic Labels

Based in Brisbane, GSDs in Need, or German Shepherd Dogs in Need, aim to help German Shepherds who have more complex needs than your average rescue dog and to give them the safe and loving home they deserve. GSDs in Need has used our Magnetic C-Channel Label Holders for a versatile and conventient way of labelling their kennels and has sent us the results!

Magnets attract African kids to science

Magnets are quite extraordinary. Imagine, a special sort of rock that can stick to some things but not others, and sticks to itself one way but pushes apart the other. It's actually pretty weird when you think about it, and in Australia - at least - we take them for granted. But not if you're a disadvantaged child growing up in Africa. Most of these kids have never experienced magnetism. AMF Magnetics have teamed up with my project Science Circus Africa, a travelling science education project, to take magnets deep into sub-Saharan Africa.

‘Science Circus Africa’ uses AMF Ferrite Magnets in their Education Program

ferrite magnets for educational purposesAMF Magnets Australia has joined forces with the Australian National University by supplying Ferrite, Rare Earth and Horseshoe Magnets to their ‘Science Circus Africa’ program. This educational initiative has resulted in African students using and learning about magnets for the first time. Several African schools have been provided with a range of our small Permanent Magnets to use in their classrooms and have aided Science Circus Africa’s development of Science Centres and outreach programs in Botswana, Zambia and Malawi.

Looking for an Australian magnets supplier?

magnets australiaAMF Magnetics carries a large range of magnetic sheets, strips, labels, whiteboard and office magnets. Whether you seek coloured or self-adhesive magnetic sheets, pre-cut magnetic labels, magnetic pins or strips, we can supply you with the right products. Watch our Flexible Magnets video!

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